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Serving both the local community and corporate clients, HSR Solicitors has established itself as one of the leading local solicitors working in the area of crime, conveyancing/property, health and safety law and regulatory law.


HSR Solicitors is a well-established practice in the heart of the East End of London.

Serving both the local community and also big named clients and corporations, HSR Solicitors has established itself as one of the leading local solicitors working in the areas of crime and conveyancing/property. When you speak to one of our solicitors, you will be provided with case-specific tailored advice and an action plan will be agreed with you so that you know how your case will progress.

The aim of the practice is at all times to provide a friendly, efficient and highly professional service to all clients. Our success is based on our dedicated team of solicitors and support staff who provide service above and beyond the call of duty.

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    HSR Solicitors work hard to obtain the best results possible for those we represent by influencing and challenging decisions from the first stage of a police station enquiry through to any subsequent trial and sentence

    At HSR Solicitors we deal with all criminal cases, specialising in the most serious criminal cases. We are members of the Very High-Cost Cases (VHCC) panel which recognises our skill and expertise in the most serious criminal defence cases. Membership of the panel means that our criminal defence solicitors are able to undertake serious crime legal aid cases. We deal with clients nationwide who are searching for representation by solicitors with a high level of expertise and professionalism.


    We understand that moving home can be a stressful experience and we hope to reduce this to an absolute minimum.

    Our residential property team offers a high-quality property service which is responsive and competitively priced. The team has many years of experience and knowledge which helps to ensure transactions proceed as smoothly and quickly as possible.


    At HSR we provide an effective service for both end-users and investors in the property market.

    Our Commercial Department has vast experience providing legal advice on commercial property matters. We act for a wide range of property users across East London and the surrounding areas. We regularly work with investors building or disposing of their property portfolio, Landlords buying for development or rental as well as businesses of all sizes buying or selling premises.

    Whether you are starting your own business or expanding into new areas, getting the right building is of vital importance. Taking a lease of any office, shop, garage or other commercial property needs efficient guidance and cost-effective legal advice. At HSR Solicitors, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you meet your requirements.


    Whether you are a landlord or tenant we offer a range of tenancy services to include but are not limited to the following:

    Renting out your property
    Eviction of tenants
    Drafting tenancy agreement
    Possession Claims
    Rent recovery and possession proceedings
    Landlord enfranchisement
    Section 146 Notices(bringing or defending forfeiture claims)
    Setting aside default judgement
    Money claims
    Renewal leases
    Granting of leases
    Transfer of leases
    Variation of leases

    Supporting You through Regulatory Law and Litigation

    In regulatory law matters, it is essential to handle proceedings and communications correctly and efficiently from the earliest stages. Our team offers you comprehensive support to protect your business reputation and resolve the issues. We specialise in regulatory defence cases and offer advice for individuals and businesses that are subject to investigations and possible prosecution.



    May 2004 (Opening)

    HSR Solicitors was set up in May 2004 by Harsharan Singh Rana with two salaried partners and has been trading from the same offices in which Harry has been practising since 1998.

    Jan 2008

    Harry successfully achieved membership of the VHCC Panel (Very High Costs Cases Panel) enabling him to deal with the country’s most complex criminal cases.

    December 2022

    HSR continues its growth and is recognised as a leading law firm in the The Legal 500

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What lender panels are you on?

    We are on the panel of solicitors for majority of high street lenders. Please provide details of your proposed lender and we will advise if we are on their panel.

    How do I found out how long is left on the lease?

    You can find this out by ordering an official copy of the title register for the property from HM Land Registry or by asking the seller/ selling agents to provide a copy of the Lease.

    How much Stamp Duty do I have to pay?

    Stamp Duty Land Tax is calculated based on the value of the property you are buying.  It will also depend on whether you are a first time buyer and whether this will be an additional home or a buy to let property.   We will provide you with a calculation of the amount of stamp duty land tax due once we have all your details.

    What time do I have to move out on the day of completion?

    Under the Standard Conditions of Sale, the contractual time is usually 2pm and the property must be vacant by then.  The exception to this is if the Standard Conditions of Sale has been varied and another time has been agreed in the Contract.

    I have been arrested – what do I do?

    It is your legal right to be offered FREE legal advice from a solicitor. As soon as you arrive at the Police Station you should ask the Custody Sergeant to contact HSR Solicitors in order that we can attend to represent you.  One of our solicitors or experienced accredited Police Station representatives is available 24 hours a day.

    I have been charged with an offence, what do I do now?

    Contact HSR Solicitors as soon as possible to let us know the time and date you are to appear at Court and to arrange an appointment to see us for an initial discussion.

    Do I have to pay for you to represent me?

    Although you are entitled to free legal advice at the Police Station regardless of means, legal aid for representation at Court will depend on the seriousness of the offence and your means.  We will be able to advise you as to whether you would be eligible for legal aid.

    Do I have to pay for you to represent me at the Police Station?

    No.  You are entitled to free legal advice when being questioned about an alleged offence by the Police regardless of your means.