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HSR Solicitors are a highly respected and dedicated firm of criminal defence solicitors. We set up with a view to offering a high-quality service for clients alleged to be involved in criminal activity.

We are well known and highly respected for the quality of our defence work in the police station, Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court.

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Skill and Expertise in the Most Serious Criminal Defence Cases

HSR Solicitors work hard to obtain the best results possible for those we represent by influencing and challenging decisions from the first stage of a police station enquiry through to any subsequent trial and sentence

At HSR Solicitors we deal with all criminal cases, specialising in the most serious criminal cases. We are members of the Very High-Cost Cases (VHCC) panel which recognises our skill and expertise in the most serious criminal defence cases. Membership of the panel means that our criminal defence solicitors are able to undertake serious crime legal aid cases. We deal with clients nationwide who are searching for representation by solicitors with a high level of expertise and professionalism.

We offer 24-hour assistance in this area. We have solicitors on the Duty Solicitor Schemes (both with the Court and 24-hour police station services).

Our Criminal Law Team is Available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

  • Advice and representation at Police Stations
  • Youth, Magistrates, Crown Court & Court of Appeal Representation.
  • Bail applications
  • Murder & Serious Violent Offences
  • Sexual Offences
  • Assaults
  • Theft & Robbery
  • Drug Offences
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Proceeds of Crime (POCA)
  • Serious Fraud

Emergency 24-hour call-out: 07534 504 999 or 07958 375 376

Emergency 24-hour call-out: 07534 504 999 or 07958 375 376

Police Station Representation

Suspects detained or questioned at police stations are entitled to free legal advice, regardless of your financial circumstances.

Free specialist Advice

At HSR Solicitors we are available 24/7 to provide advice and help if you are arrested and questioned by the police. It is important that you are looked after at this early stage. If you are arrested out of our office hours inform the police that you want to speak to HSR Solicitors and they have to contact us and we will speak with you or attend upon you if you are in custody. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

We will find out what evidence the police have against you. We will advice you of your rights and options, explain the law surrounding the charges, instructions and responses to questions that will be asked during the interview as well as explaining police station procedures. We will then attend police interviews with you to ensure you are treated fairly. Don’t go into an interview without us!

Emergency 24-hour call-out:
07534 504 999 or 07958 375 376

Youth Court

All young people between the age of 10 and 17 years who are charged or summonsed with a criminal offence will initially appear before the Youth Court. We provide advice and representation for every stage of those proceedings and our solicitors will advise on the different sentencing options available in the Youth Court and those offences that are too serious to remain in the Youth court and will proceed to the Crown Court.

This is a complex and ever-changing area of law and the right advice at an early stage can have life-changing implications.

We will advise clients on the most suitable form of funding. Funding for Magistrates Court work is often available through legal aid or on a private fee basis.

Magistrates Court Representation

All proceedings begin here. Matters such as road traffic offences, theft and minor assaults can be dealt with in this court. For more serious offences you will first appear in the Magistrates Court and then your case will be transferred to the Crown Court (see the Crown Court section).

If we represent you at the police station we will continue to do so at court. However, if we did not you can still instruct us.

If you are charged in front of the Magistrates Court you will benefit from our specialist advice and representation. Our solicitors will ensure you understand the offence with which you have been charged. They will advise you on the strength of the evidence, take instructions from you and advise you on any available defences prior to a plea being entered. If you decide to plead guilty we will mitigate on your behalf to ensure you get the least possible penalty. If you plead not guilty we will prepare your case for trial including seeing your witness and ultimately will represent you at the trial hearing.

You can obtain public funding formerly known as Legal Aid may be available depending on your financial means and the nature of the charges. We will assist in making an application for a Legal Aid Order.

Crown Court

More serious charges are ultimately passed on to the Crown Court both for trial and for sentencing. It is not unusual for Crown Court matters to run for a number of months, sometimes even years, and our dedicated team will work tirelessly throughout to ensure that your case is prepared to the highest standard so that the best possible result is achieved consistent with your instructions.

HSR Solicitors will keep you updated and informed throughout the legal proceedings and we will advise you on whether to plead guilty or not guilty. If you are convicted, we will see your case through to the end and we will discuss the possibility of going to the Court of Appeal if your sentence is excessive. We specialise in post-trial matters such as confiscation orders which deal with what happens to your assets if you do get convicted. We will continue to support you should any of this happen to you.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available to cover the costs of providing advice and representation in respect of advising at a Police Station. Legal Aid may be available to cover the costs of providing advice and representation at the Magistrates Court in relation to criminal prosecutions, subject to an individual’s means, and whether it is considered that the case merits the grant of Legal Aid.

Legal Aid representation before the Crown Court is not the subject of a means test, although the Court may make an Order under the Recovery of Defence Costs Orders where a guilty plea or conviction results. Cases of a more serious nature come before the Crown Court, therefore most cases are considered sufficiently serious to merit the grant of Legal Aid.

We assist clients in the completion of Legal Aid Applications and the provision of all necessary documentation in support of such applications.

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Emergency 24-hour call-out: 07534 504 999 or 07958 375 376


“I’ve been instructed by Harry’s firm and I’ve appeared as prosecution counsel in two cases where Harry represented one of the defendants and I can say that they always provide a professional highly competent service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harry and HSR to anyone looking for criminal solicitors.”

David Allan, Barrister,

“Having worked with Harry and HSR over a long period of time, I am always impressed by the diligence and care provided on all matters. The professional advice is always provided in a clear manner and has often led to better commercial results due to his great negotiation skills.”

Perninder Dhadwar, Client

“Harry Rana is an innovative outside the box thought leader. His approach to the law is a client centric manner. His sense of social justice goes beyond sentiments and he actualizes it through his extra curricular pro bono work. I would highly recommend potential clients to use Harry Rana’s services.”

Rajen Doobay, BA, MSc

“I have known Harry for over twelve years and worked with him in the legal industry on many cases. He has always provided a professional service to both professional and lay clients. Harry is someone I can strongly recommend.”

Sean Gould, Diversity Officer, Society of Asian Lawyers

“Harry impressed me greatly when organising events on behalf of the Society of Asian Lawyers. Always in control, a smooth operator who builds effective relationships which deliver.”

Nazir Afzal OBE, Senior Clerk, 15 New Bridge Street

“Harry is one of the best people I have had the pleasure of working with and in all the years I have use his expertise to help me with my business it has been a pleasure to work with.”

Sav Kyriacou, Client

“I have dealt with Harry in relation to my business and am happy to recommend him to anyone who has need of his services. I have found him to be efficient, courteous and able to achieve results.”

Alexander (Sandy) Taylor, Principal Loss Adjuster, International Claims Adjusters – Fulmar Consulting Limited

“Harry is a brilliant lawyer. Sharp, sees the complete picture and always provides a great service to his clients.”

Sangita Sangar, Partner, Real Estate Team, Sheridans

“Mr Rana is a highly skilled and competent lawyer who I would recommend in a heart beat”

Gary Lucy, Client

“I have worked with Harry on a number of heavy criminal cases such as fraud and murder. He is very committed but also realistic and practical. He has sound judgement and does not interfere once a Strategy has been agreed upon.”

Michael Wood QC, Queens Counsel and Recorder, Self employed barrister
“Great Results, Personable, Good Value”
Asif Khan, Client

“Harry is a hard-working and energetic solicitor who excels in preparing cases for trial, and in providing robust and professional advice.”

Nick Wayne, Barrister, Argent Chambers

“As a busy barrister you always appreciate it when your instructing solicitor knows his case, knows the client and understands all the subtle advantages and disadvantages of litigation decisions. All the more so when you are briefed on a late return for a distant case involving a complicated fraud matter – as I was. Harry saved the day. I recall he worked very hard on that difficult case; certainly his industry was beyond the call of duty and most effective – I have no hesitation recommending him.”

Jonathan Lennon, Barrister, 23 Essex Street Chambers

“I worked with Harry as my solicitor in many individual cases. He is excellent. Always on the end of the phone when you needed him. The work he and his team produced was second to none, and I would recommend him to any individual or organisation”.

Russell Ross, Experienced Credit Control Manager

“I have worked together with Harry for a number of years. Harry is unfailing in his commitment to his clients and their cases. Harry always delivers in achieving the best possible outcomes often in the most difficult of circumstances.”

Rajinder Gill, Barrister

“Harry’s vision and “can do” attitude, assisted me greatly when acting for me in quite a complex legal matter.
His straight forward approach distinguishes him from the other “run of the mill” lawyers, making it easy for a client to consider the legal position in addition to the commercial realities of the modern business environment.”

Miles Dosanjh, Legal Contracts Manager for Chubb Electronic Security

“Harry provided me with an outstanding service and was very knowledgeable – would definitely recommend him to anyone.”

Ketan Kothari, Account Manager at SAP

“Harry Rana is a highly regarded, effective and charismatic lawyer. He knows how to relate to people to gain the best results time and time again.”

Carine Wayne-Campbell, Consultant

“Harry is a genuine professional and one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with.
If you need legal advice reach out to Harry, nothing phases him and more importantly he likes to win!”

Roxy Ali, Account Manager Gartner Events EMEA

“Harry and I have worked on a number of serious criminal cases together, ranging from complex frauds to murder. Harry is a fearless solicitor who fights hard for his clients, however tough the battle. He is a master tactician who utilises his knowledge of law and procedure to great advantage, and whose negotiating skills are legendary. If you are in trouble, this is the lawyer you want on your side.”

Sailesh Mehta, Barrister