Notable Cases

R v ZA (Norwich C.C.),double manslaughter of children by driving.

R v K (Central C.C.),Importation and supply of 20kg of heroin.

R v N (Central C.C), Attempted Murder

R v B ( Maidstone C.C), Custom & Excise

R v H (Maidstone C.C),HMRC Tobacco Importation

R v T (Central C.C), Double Murder

R v L (Manchester C.C.), Triad gangs, violent disorder

R v N (Leeds & Bradford C.C.), One of the first SOCPA contracts (Supergrass) as featured in a Panorama documentary in Oct 2012.

R v Y (Southwark C.C), Multi Million pound insurance fraud.

R v M (Winchester C.C.), Importation and supply of Class a drugs.

R v M (Snaresbrook C.C), Rape

R v O (Croydon C.C), Murder – shooting of nightclub bouncer in North London

R v K (Central C.C.), Murder

R v B (Cardiff C.C.), Commercial supply of Anabolic Steroids

R v C (Bristol C.C.),Commercial supply of anabolic steroids (Class C)

R v S (Leicester C.C.),Mortgage Fraud

R v A (Winchester C.C),Importation of Tobacco

R v B (Southwark C.C), Large scale petrol station credit card fraud