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Here at HSR we specialise in criminal law defence and are well placed to assist private and corporate clients who need to defend criminal allegations. In particular, our advice and representation services for individuals facing criminal investigations include comprehensive support for proceedings brought by the Health & Safety Executive.

We provide full guidance during any investigation process, along with representation for staff, managers and directors at interviews under caution. In addition, we will act on your company and directors’ behalf during serious incident investigations. If necessary, we represent corporate clients’ interests at inquests in Coroner’s Courts and during other coronial law proceedings.

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If you require specialist legal advice to deal with criminal allegations or proceedings initiated by the Health & Safety Executive, contact us today. We will be glad to assist with initial advice and to arrange an appointment for you.

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Reducing Risk

With the correct approach to Health and Safety, our clients can rest assured that their business, company or other organisation complies with regulations. If you value a proactive approach and believe that prevention is better than cure, contact us for further advice and information about our safety audit option.

We also provide training to ensure that your staff and organisation meet the requirements of the intricate regulatory framework laid down by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). In particular, we offer expertise in contract and supply chain management, along with risk management procedures and updates on Health and Safety Law, including directors’ duties.

Managing Incidents

Following on-site incidents, our clients receive round the clock support and full representation throughout formal investigation processes and prosecutions. Our Health & Safety solicitors assist with managing business reputation, including an early case assessment to establish potential liability for workplace injuries and requirements under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 2013. Also known as RIDDOR, these detailed regulations apply throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Reporting Requirements

RIDDOR designates the individual(s) who control workplaces as the responsible person and makes them responsible for reporting serious accidents. Occupational diseases and dangerous occurrences that do not necessarily result in an actual accident (referred to as ‘near misses’) also require reports. As well as incidents with working at height and asbestos problems, this category includes spillage of carcinogens or biological agents, along with gas incidents.

RIDDOR regulations specify a list of injuries that includes:

  • Fractures (except fingers, thumbs and toes) and amputations.
  • Injuries that could cause permanent loss of or reduction in sight.
  • Crush injuries either to the head that cause brain damage or to the chest which cause damage to internal organs.
  • Unconsciousness due to asphyxia or head injury.
  • Resuscitation, or hospital admission for more than twenty-four hours.
  • Injuries when working in enclosed spaces that lead to hyperthermia or other heat-induced illness, or hypothermia (excessive cold).
  • Burns or scalding to more than 10 per cent of the body area – or those that affect the eye(s), the respiratory system or other vital organs.
  • Scalping, if hospital treatment is required.

Accidents must also be reported within fifteen days if the injury causes more than seven days of sickness absence or the inability to work as usual. Conversely, if the worker is off sick for between three and fourteen consecutive days, the accident has to be recorded, not reported. An entry in the accident book should suffice.

Reports are mandatory for injuries sustained by members of the public if the person affected is taken directly to hospital, except if the medical attention extends only to examinations and diagnostic tests.

Occupational diseases such as severe cramps, vibration syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis (including if attributable to RSI or repetitive strain injury in the hands or forearms) all require reports. Additionally, work-related asthma or dermatitis, occupational cancer, diseases due to biological agents and the accidental release of harmful substances are subject to mandatory reporting.

Near misses that are subject to reporting requirements include a collapse of an elevator or lifting equipment, as well as machinery that comes into direct contact with electrical power lines. Similarly, registered gas engineers have to report dangerously defective gas appliances, i.e. those that could cause fatalities, loss of consciousness or hospitalisation due to harmful emissions.

We provide full guidance during any investigation process, along with representation for staff, managers and directors at interviews under caution. In addition, we will act on your company and directors’ behalf during serious incident investigations. If necessary, we represent corporate clients’ interests at inquests in Coroner’s Courts and during other coronial law proceedings.

We also guide clients who receive fee for intervention requests, where the HSE attempts to recover costs incurred during investigations and inspections.

Complying with Health and Safety Regulations

For companies who wish to check their current level and the effectiveness of protective measures, our experts offer advice and informal internal audits. We will work to ensure your organisation is fully compliant within your sector and remains so. We tailor practical advice to anticipate issues for your company, bearing in mind the regulatory environment and the importance of a proactive approach.

Of course, it is also important to actively encourage safe working practices and the use of protective measures in the workplace. If you are responsible for Health & Safety compliance in retail, office, warehouse or construction environments, you may wish to ensure that staff members are fully aware of best working practices and their responsibilities. Such training and instruction reduces the risk of accidents or injuries and, consequently, possible claims for negligence.

For these reasons, periodic reminders about critical health and safety regulations, recent updates and details of how to comply with any recently introduced or revised recommendations and rules should be available in the workplace. We suggest including the necessary information on company websites, notice boards and in training handouts.

If you require specialist legal advice to deal with risk mitigation, criminal allegations or proceedings initiated by the Health & Safety Executive, contact us today. We will be glad to assist with initial advice and to arrange an appointment for you.

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